New Years Resolutions

Hello Universe.

It’s a beautiful day today. I should go outside and enjoy it. Later – Duke is napping now. (That has to be my favorite excuse not to go outside.)


I have my new years resolutions posted on my bathroom mirror; because people are more likely to accomplish their goals if they see them every day. I absolutely see mine everyday. I’m overly aware of what they are and where I’m at. Believe me, I’m behind of my reading goal. It’s not going well.

The point is I had a friend come over a couple days ago. (I love her, she’s wonderful.) She came out of my bathroom and said:

“Every time I see your goals, I see that you haven’t gotten very far. It makes me feel better about myself.”

So that’s great. Glad to know that my lack of progress makes you feel better? That’s definitely why I made them; to make you feel better.

But let me clarify – they’re year long goals. The year isn’t over; I have half of a year still to go. Things like financial goals – I’ve already surpassed my goal, but the year isn’t over. I can only count that goal as a success if I land the end of the year in the same boat. Health and fitness – same thing. If I only live half of the year considering my health – than it isn’t a success. Lord almighty. This can’t be a hard concept!

I love New Years Resolutions. I’m a goal oriented person, and my goals keep me motivated.

Don’t shit on my goals!

Keep working on your goals people! Don’t let comments and sarcasm get to you. Keep on keeping on.

❤ Emily



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