Welcome to the Universe

Hey broski.

Welcome to this blog I started on a whim. So you know that this is going to last. Like two weeks. But hey, personal development and here’s the internet, which means that there is not greater place to embarrass myself or spread my unasked for opinion. Excellent, we’re off to a good start.

Things about me before I go into my unasked for opinion.

1. My laptop is 7 years old, and a decaying piece of garbage.

2. I’m currently listening to LANY on repeat. idk. Don’t ask me hard questions, but I’m loving it.

3. I am not proud, but a fan of: Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin, GLOW, Cosmos, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Community, the Office, Parks and Rec….

4. I work at an international Non-Profit (World Vision), because you know – gotta save the babes.

5. Yes, my older sister and I are pen-pals. We do actually write real letters with stamps. It’s a lost art.

6. I’m going to NYC in October, got any good suggestions?

7. I’m a half-ass photographer. Meaning, I don’t know how serious I am about it. But I like it enough to at least consider it.

8. My cat’s name is Z. I did not name him. I call him Zeus.

9. Yes, don’t worry – there’s a dog too. He’s Duke. [and super adorbs]

10. Trump is the worst.

Oh. I got into my unasked for opinion there. Not going to apologize though.

Well, I guess this is good as any to start throwing words into the empty void of the internet. And hey, if any of you understands actually how the internet works in real life – good for you. Science is a mystery (& global warming in real).


Duke says: “Welcome to our blog!”

Aight people, go read a book.

❤ Emily


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